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MoANA-BNDD Issue Summary
MHA Memo Prescribing & Administering of Controlled Substances by CRNAs
Letter to DHSS


Sample Protocols

Please know that these are just examples and not necessarily recommendations.  These protocols can and should be designed and customized by the facility.  It is important that these protocols have established mechanisms for approval and a policy and procedure for review on a regular basis to ensure currency in practice as well as consistency with formulary available in the facility.

Anesthesia PACU Protocol
Anesthesia Protocol Template
Controlled Substance Protocol
Controlled Substance Protocol #2
Sample – BJC Anesthesia Protocol


MoANA Bylaws – Approved 10-8-16

MoANA’s rules and regulations are inspired by AANA and local members to help guide our organization’s actions.

MoANA Standing Rules 2017

Our organization’s standing rules are resolutions and motions governing the actions of MoANA. These rules were adopted to support MoANA’s bylaws.