CONDITIONS AND applicability

CRNA / AA Reimbursement Ratios (CMS)

This document highlights the difference between the Anesthesia Services Conditions of Participation and the applicability of medical direction modifiers versus a non-medically directed CRNA case.

child patient excited before her anesthesia

Medical Direction vs. Supervision

This presentation discusses issues around medical direction and supervision and its influence on the CRNA practice.

The Legislative Process

Important overview of the legislative process, government leadership, important dates, and other concepts for nurse anesthetists in the state of Missouri.

Black and White Nurses talking over patient with ansthesia

Sample Protocols

Please know that these are just examples and not necessarily recommendations or an endorsement by the association. These protocols can and should be designed and customized by the CRNA and the facility. It is important that these protocols incorporate established mechanisms for approval and a policy and procedure for review on a regular basis to ensure currency in practice as well as consistency with the formulary available in the facility.

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