nurses reapplying machines to get the patient to sleep


  • Have a responsible adult accompany you.
  • Take only the medications you were specifically told to take by your doctor for the day of surgery with a small sip of water.
  • Remain NPO. Absolutely no food, drink, gum, or ice chips usually after midnight the day before surgery. This helps prevent you from vomiting while you are under anesthesia. Vomiting can be dangerous if it happens during anesthesia.
  • Try to stop smoking if you are a smoker.
  • Remain at home for the day. Take it easy and rest.
  • Start slowly with liquids and slowly progress to a light meal. Medications stay in your system for 24 hours or more after they are given.


  • Drive a car for 24 hours.
  • Operate equipment for 24 hours.
  • Make important decisions or sign documents for the day.
  • Take any medications unless prescribed or discussed with your doctor.
  • Drink any alcohol.
crna nurses performing anesthesia on a patient while looking at monitors of patient performance

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