MoANA elects new board members annually.  The President, President Elect, and Vice President are elected to serve a one-year term.  (Candidates for these 3 offices must have served on the Board of Directors for at least two years prior to running for these offices.) The Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Directors are elected to serve a 2-year term. 
– The Secretary is elected in even-numbered years. 
– The Treasurer is elected in odd-numbered years.
– Regional Directors from even numbered regions (Regions II and IV) are elected in even years. 
– Regional Directors from odd numbered regions (Regions I, III, and V) are elected in odd numbered years.   

All candidates must submit the Consent to Serve form and supply a photo and CV before their name may be placed on the ballot.

All eligible MoANA members will be e-mailed a voting link at least 21 days prior to the Fall Business Meeting.  Members requiring a paper ballot must request a mailed ballot at least 60 days prior to the Fall Business Meeting. Voting ends 5 days prior to the Fall Business Meeting.

To learn more about the MoANA Board positions, please contact Carol Kemna, MoANA Executive Director, at ckemna@bardgett.net.

Submit your candidacy for the next MoANA Board elections by completing the consent to serve.

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The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MoANA) has more than 1236 members. MoANA was founded in 1935 by 15 charter members, including Helen Lamb of St. Louis. She became the first president of MoANA and later served as president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), our parent organization.