Life as a crna student

Become a CRNA! One of MoANA’s biggest goals is to support future CRNAs with education, job and philanthropic opportunities. We want to create a culture for anesthesiology students allowing them to exchange information, gain knowledge and create a solid foundation for career growth.

  • Link the communication between MoANA and nurse anesthesia
  • Serve students attending accredited programs in Missouri
  • Share learning opportunities and resources with future CRNAs
  • Develop a network for future job opportunities
  • Educate future CRNAs on professional and political healthcare issues
  • Allow students to participate in a professional organization
nurse applying anesthesia machine to patient and checking in on patient


Entering a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists program will be an exciting and new adventure for your career. MoANA has gathered vital information on how to become a CRNA, programs in Missouri, employment and more. Explore the ‘Become A CRNA’ page for helpful information for your future.



nurses taking patient away on a bed


MoANA’s goal is to provide you with opportunities and connections to help grow your career as a nurse anesthetist. Additionally, our student organization has plenty of resources for you to get involved, join our cause and meet other medical professionals. If you are a current member of MoANA’s student organization, please login to stay current on MoANA events, student representative opportunities and more. If you’re not a member, contact to join!

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The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MoANA) has more than 1236 members. MoANA was founded in 1935 by 15 charter members, including Helen Lamb of St. Louis. She became the first president of MoANA and later served as president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), our parent organization.