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What is a CRNA?

CRNAs are authorized to deliver comprehensive anesthesia care in Missouri and regulated by the State Board of Nursing. Their anesthesia practice consists of all accepted anesthetic techniques including general, regional, epidural, spinal, sedation, local, and chronic pain management. Scope of Practice refers to the procedures, actions, and processes that a CRNA is permitted to undertake.

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Nurse Anesthesia Practice

This presentation explores the evolution of state regulation of nursing practice, explains how nurse anesthesia practice is recognized and regulated in the state of Missouri, discusses the extent of federal regulation of nurse anesthesia practice, and describes current Medicare reimbursement policies for CRNAs.


This document discusses the historical background of the nurse anesthetist supervision opt-out legislation as well as its impact on CRNA practice within Missouri.

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Remodeling Anesthesia delivery

As CMS considers measures of efficiency, Excel Anesthesia LLC offers insight, along with cost-effective recommendations, for remodeling the anesthesia care delivery practice model. These suggestions take a closer look at the various existing anesthesia practice models, especially those requiring subsidies.

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The Nature of supervision

Discussion of supervision, including ASA’s position. Standards adopted by JCAHO, and key legislation.

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The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MoANA) has more than 1236 members. MoANA was founded in 1935 by 15 charter members, including Helen Lamb of St. Louis. She became the first president of MoANA and later served as president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), our parent organization.